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The BAU Entrepreneurship Operations and Incubaition Center was established to meet the needs of our university students with access to information, consulting, mentoring and resources that are needed for entrepreneurship.

In terms of entrepreneurship, there is a business alliance with institutions, organizations and universities both domestically and abroad, especially regarding technology entrepreneurship. The Standford University Business Association and the Silicon Valley are implementing the “Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. The purpose of the program; Our students benefit from Stanford University classes and provide recognition of companies and developments in the Silicon Valley. BAU Silicon Valley Campus Students who attend the campus can participate in our program entreprenuership certificate program.

Our center supports our branded courses on entrepreneurship. BAU Silicone Valley Startup Execution for Entrepreneurs “which is the instructor of” Entrenrenuership and Business Planning “lidyana.com CEO,” lidyana.com Internet Entreneurship “and BAU Silicone Valley Campus Director Ayşe Çetinel, who is the instructor of Hakan Baş Lessons are the lessons we are the coordinator.

At the same time, our students who successfully completed the TUGIAD course have also been entitled to receive the UGE (Applied Entrepreneurship Education) certificates of KOSGEB. In addition to our guests from the entrepreneurship ecosystem, personal development specialists have also joined our courses.
Those who offer these courses and projects to other entrepreneurs, investors; Various awards have been given to students entering the degree. Our students who have taken lessons have met many valuable guests from the entrepreneurship ecosystem and made a network when they were attending both the classes and presentations.

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